Established in 1991,

We are a non-profit, registered charity that provides employment to people living with a mental health illness through our environmentally friendly social enterprise ventures. Our peer-led supportive environment helps to empower the individual and may augment a person's journey of recovery, bolstering self-confidence and self-worth. Watch our Executive Director, Angela, summarize Sscope in 3 minutes.

For the community

Our model reduces the overall cost of healthcare by providing non-medical rehabilitation for individuals living with a mental illness, while at the same time increasing the productive work force.

For our member employees

In a spirit of self-help and mutual support, we assists our member employees in securing and maintaining paid casual employment in our community. This contributes significantly to our members mental health, sense of dignity and self-worth, as well as their social and economical needs.

For the planet

The environmental focus of our businesses encourages stewardship for both consumers and members alike: fostering a personal feeling of accountability in the health & well-being of our planet.

For all

Sscope offers unique, valuable and affordable services to the community by providing gainful casual employment. This provides an avenue for our member employees to integrate into the mainstream work force.