Hear from our community,

This is all about your Thank You’s and comments of support, as well as a measure for our organization to ensure we are exceeding your expectations. If you’ve been a member employee or customer of Sscope, you’re encouraged to submit your own testimonial through our Testimonials Submission Form.

Member employees

Sscope has enriched my life in so many ways. I don’t know where I would be without the organization.
— Vanessa R. (2012-Present)
Sscope gave me my first job after 2.5 years away from work.
— Gayle S. (2017-Present)
What has been great for me is working with a crew. It feels really good to be part of a team. Everyone I’ve worked with at Sscope has been kind, helpful and respectful!
— Member (2014-Present)
Sscope gave me a chance when traditional employers wouldn’t hire me.
— Rob Z. (2011-Present)
With my age to be given a chance to prove that if you can do it, why not? People here treat you like family.
— Barb B. (2016-Present)

Sscope customers

I don’t go to Value Village, Salvation Army or any other thrift stores anymore. You’ve got great stuff. I want to see your organization thrive.
— Retail Customer (2013-Present)
Great job on the snow shovelling Sscope. Please make sure I’m booked for next season again.
— Snow Removal Customer