Our membership focuses on individuals with mental health issues who feel able to or ready to return to work. The responsibility can be daunting at first and in many cases, re-socialization relating to work can cause anxiety. Individuals may have been marginalized and unable to obtain or manage employment through regular channels. It is with this mindful awareness that SSCOPE engages with our members. We operate within an extensive, yet inclusive set of values:
  • Empowerment - In line with our mission statement, we believe that a persons worth is instrumental to their quality of life. Self-worth is also a key component in a persons recovery. We strive to ensure our members are instilled with a sense of value and purpose in whatever they do through our social enterprise ventures.   
  • Understanding - Many employers simply lack the capacity to deal with the unique needs of a person coping with mental illness. Though society has come a long way in removing stigmas associated, many HR departments struggle with how to manage an employee so diagnosed to reach their full employment potential. With over 25 years of experience in working with those who have varying degrees/diagnoses of mental illness, SSCOPE is specifically attuned to a individuals unique needs; therefore, centered on helping a member reach their maximum potential in employment.
  • Integrity - We ensure that all our resources are accounted for and operate our businesses with transparency.  All our business operations are based on a strict rule of ethics:  If its not good for our community or our planet, we are NOT involved.
  • Excellence - We believe in providing excellent customer service through our business streams. A satisfied customer is our best source of referral for other business. More business enables us to assist more members. Through our peer support model, we help guide our members in providing quality work in the services they engage.  Our non-profit model ensures that our pricing is also highly competitive.
  • Dignity - We work tirelessly to educate and inform on the issue of mental health, to both our members and our customers. Awareness is not the solution: Understanding and value - removes stigmas often associated with mental illness.
  • Community - Through our many relationships and partnerships with other social agencies (see our partner list for more detail) we help to foster a sense of belonging and inclusiveness in whatever we do for our members.
  • Stewardship - our stewardship is twofold, fiscal AND environmental: First, we operate on a prudent budget set by our Board of Directors with over 80% of our revenue derived from business operations. The remainder is from a grant through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) and our generous donors. Secondly, our social enterprise ventures are 'green focused': Our thrift operations reduce landfill deposit/resource wastage and our recycling programmes ensure a safe disposal method for toxic materials and a re-purposing of unwanted items.