Become a SSCOPE Employee-Member

Sscope has two main requirements for eligibility as an employee-member to start as a casual or part-time employee.

The individual truly wants employment as part of his or her personal progressions and will put maximum effort into their work to further their development.  It will be obvious to both the employer and the employee that Sscope will be a good fit as part of an individual’s development.

In addition, the person applying should be a consumer of mental health services in the community or have mental health or related problems that have impacted their previous employment or ability to achieve employee status.

Sscope matches the requirements of the customers with the abilities of the members. After screening and assessment by Sscope staff, the members are matched with the work assignments for which they are best suited.

A Sscope Team Leader worker will generally accompany the employee-member on the job. Members may work one-on-one with a support worker, or as part of a group of two to four members.

For more information about applying to become an employee-member of Sscope please call 204-987-6300 and ask to speak to our Employment Counsellor/Job Placement Facilitator or use the contact page on this website!