Why Support SSCOPE?

We get asked often what benefit does your program have. Why should we contribute to your Thrift Store, come out to Music Night or our Festival4MentalHealth, leave a Legacy in our will, become a Partner with SSCOPE, etc. etc.

“A Job is Therapeutic” says this article in the Globe and Mail, mid last year.  It’s worth a read if you are considering whether our program provides the kind of benefits you want to support with your dollars, your volunteerism, your other donations.

Factoid: in 2012, SSCOPE had 175 employee members who had demonstrated need for our type of program, and average payrolls in the range from 40-65 per payroll.  We aim to double that by 2016, with your support.  All employee members participate of their own accord following the SSCOPE method of simulating the major facets of true employment, but a supportive environment.

“Changing Lives…for a stronger healthier community”…the SSCOPE way”