Christmas at Treasures Thrift Store 2012-Please Donate

Christmas is a great time to donate to our Treasures Thrift Store at 1466 Arlington St. and support SSCOPE and mental health recovery.  We provide additional gift certificates to all our employee members to help them choose great items for themselves and others at Christmas, plus we have many from the adjacent community shopping for inexpensive treasures to provide as gifts.

Bring your reusable donations down to SSCOPE anytime between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm daily Monday to Friday or call us at 204 987-6300 if you have 25 or more boxes to donate and require pickup.

And join us on December 21 at 6:00 pm for our special Christmas music and food celebration for the community and our members and shop Treasures one last time before  Christmas.


Live Music, Open Mike and Specials All Day At Treasures Fri. January 27th

Chris Palmer, of Mercy Mercy, performing Friday January 27 with Darryl Torchia at SSCOPE at 1466 Arlington St.

Darryl Torchia, part of Mercy Mercy, performing live at 8:00 pm at Treasures by SSCOPE stage on January 27th.

We’re kicking off our Community Days on January 27th (and every 4th Friday of the month) with two great live music performances at 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm, plus Treasures thrift store specials and Open Mike all afternoon until 7:00 pm.  Everyone most welcome to come out and support SSCOPE and mental health!!!. View the full news release here.  There is a special plea for donations of Vinyl recordings and other music such as CD’s and Cassettes, plus all musical equipment as we expand our Musical department at Treasures. 

The text of the flier being delivered into the neighboring community is below.  Call 987-6300 if you need more information.  See you there.

 This Friday January 27th (& every 4th Friday of the month)

its Shop and Song Night at Treasures by SSCOPE thrift shop

 Treasures by SSCOPE at 1466 Arlington Street open til 9:00 pm this Friday January 27th.

Many 1 Time and Hourly Specials from 12:00 noon on and extra specials at 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm, and 8:00 pm

Kick out the Winter Blahs with 2 Great Live Performances Starting at 7:00 pm

***The Home Street Band with Marv Thiessen, (SSCOPE Operations Leader on guitar and vocals) 

***Mercy Mercy-The Chris Palmer & Darryl Torchia Band

***plus Open Mic(rophone) from 12:00 noon to 7:00 pm

Please Note: All proceeds from the sale of items from the Treasures by SSCOPE thrift shop go to support SSCOPE’s programs to create meaningful employment and income for the over 140 and growing individuals with mental health issues who are part of our program.

Taylor & Young on stage at Treasures this Friday afternoon

Treasures by SSCOPE thrift store visitors and our new Treasures performance stage will see a great new Band, Taylor and Young, on our new Performance stage on Friday January 13 between 1:00 and 2:00 pm 

Hear their unique funk rock sound here

Drop by to hear their music and browse the Treasures vinyl bins, vintage clothing or collectibles, or even bring some vinyl in (or anything else for that matter) and donate to SSCOPE to assist our fund raising and work to support mental health through meaningful jobs and real income.

Watch for our next Open Mike days on January 27th, February 24th, March 23 and April 27, all Fridays and then our big Rockin’ the Ridge third annual get the summer started  Festival on Saturday May 26 

If you are a band or single performer and you would like to perform for an audience on any of those dates in support of SSCOPE and our work on behalf of mental health in the community, just call 987-6302 or email us at