SSCOPE’s Christmas LiveFriday December 20 5:45 pm

Thanks to the great support of Manitoba’s musicians we’ve been able to put together a great lineup for December 20th..and it’s early evening, with music starting at 5:45 pm  From Split Crooked’s lead singer to Quinton Blair Band to Marguerite’s Ride, possibly some special guest musicians and Craig Richardson, a SSCOPE member employee with his own set, you’ll get a great variety of music in warm friendly atmosphere and musician friendly stage and room.  Come out and support SSCOPE’s work in the community for mental health providing real jobs…real employment in a supportive environment.   A great prelude to our 5th annual Rockin’ the Bridge/Festival4Mental Health coming up again on May 23 and 24th at SSCOPE.

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SSCOPE Employee of the Month January 2013

Donald Betenchuk, left, with Executive Director Bob Rempel at Live Fridays February 22nd.

It was a month of record snowfall for Winnipeg and at SSCOPE that meant hard work all month. One employee always said yes to more and more work to help the organization meet its customer service obligations.  For that reason Donald Betenchuk has been selected as SSCOPE’s January 2013 Employee of the Month. Donald returned to SSCOPE in December after some eye surgery, and resumed right where he left off. He continues to grow and show responsibility as an employee member in our program.


The Importance of Work For Those With A Mental Health Disability

SSCOPE takes on large and small snow shoveling jobs on contract to provide meaningful work for our members

A new employee-member referred to us by one of our partners, the EIA Marketabilities Team, recently told us how important being hired at SSCOPE, and the importance of work in general was.  We believe in the importance of employment to stabilize and assist recovery, and we know our employee members do to.  We want to share their words so that when you hire SSCOPE to work for you, the community knows how important being able to work is, for those with a mental health disability or issue and how much you are helping.

The first thing I think of is a sense of self worth and appreciation. Coming from a very unbalanced life as to what a normal society considers work ethics, my perspectives draw me considerably close to co-dependency. Working allows me freedom to live, function and spend as I choose. With the appreciation of each day at work, my interactions with others and the provisions to purchase my necessities and wants at my leisure. Knowing I am able to depend solely  on my effort has freed me from a lot of anxieties and unwanted ties to co-dependency.  This is my statement of the importance of work for me as a mental health consumer.”