The Faces of SSCOPE-Whom Do We Benefit?

We are often asked by potential partners and donours who are the people SSCOPE benefits?  Our program of casual and part-time employment options benefits a wide variety and for many at a different time of the year.  Hence we have over 200 who will be employees this year with us, but average payrolls of 40-65 person.   Our members have a range of mental health issues from schizophrenia, to bipolar disorder to depression and anxiety. Some are on heavy doses of medication, others less so, or are on therapy. Some individuals have not been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, but they have been admitted to our program because we have ascertained that there is a need and there is a fit.  Each one is here to work and gain employment experience again.

For a look at some of the faces of SSCOPE take a look at this video from late 2011 up on Youtube.  Part 1 and Part 2