Friday August 24th-A Busy Day At SSCOPE on Arlington

It’s all about mental health.

Watch for great prices in our thrift store all day and a special donations drive all day.

The weather will be hot and the SSCOPE Food Service unit along with our Little Food Feats mobile trailer will be cooking up food at noon for our Employee-Members and store visitors.

After a regular Employee-Member meeting with all those who are preparing to work in the months ahead.  A group of 50-60 is expected. Details of the new employment opportunities for the months ahead will be announced.   New applications are being accepted as of Friday to fill spots in our new programs.

Following the meeting SSCOPE members and staff leaders will proceed over to Tommy Prince Park at Battery and Selkirk for general cleanup.

The afternoon will be capped off with a Karaoke Stars competition with tickets and coupons donated by the Blue Bombers, Goldeyes and Subway among the prizes for participation.   SSCOPE was recently able to acquire several musical performance items for its stage, including the pro karaoke equipment, through the generous support of many donours, including the Winnipeg Foundation, Printers Xclusive, and many more.

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SSCOPE Workers Do Great Job-3 Testimonials

We often receive comments of praise for our program and our workers’ effort verbally, and are mostly unable to capture them for those who are considering to whether to do business with SSCOPE and support our cause in Winnipeg.   We felt the three below were worth sharing.  We hope you agree.

SSCOPE Property Services business continues to grow

On July 14 one of our lawn customers, Mr. Stevens of Warsaw Ave. dropped by our office at 1466 Arlington St. to pay his monthly lawn maintenance invoice, and went out of his way to say how impressed he was with the work of our SSCOPE crews and the Team Leader during their weekly visits.  He was comparing us to other services and companies in the marketplace that he had working for him in the past or he had seen working, not to critique them, but to remark on our standards and the professionalism of our Leaders. 

On July 21, another customer, Mr. Ramsay of Jefferson Ave, who is one of a number of our customers who receive Veterans Affairs benefits for lawn services, said to our Team Leader, “You do a great job, I can count on you guys”   Our Team Leader passed this wonderful comment on to his crew and shared it with the Office Administration staff.

We are very grateful for customers such as this who appreciate the service and effort we provide and understand the additional positive benefits they can make in people’s lives when they hire SSCOPE workers.

The next testimonial came in by email on July 18th and we feel it’s appropriate to mention the company’s name as they made an extra effort to hire SSCOPE workers when many other options were available to them. 

Sentinel Storage North Winnipeg very pleased with SSCOPE workers

To: Executive Director, SSCOPE 

Randy R. and Robert Z. worked at Sentinel today from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00

They were quick and good workers and we were pleased with the work they did
for us  We would definitely have them back if required.

Thank you.

Jim & Val French
Site Managers
Sentinel Self-Storage
11 Paramount Road
Winnipeg, MB R2X 2W6

P  204-694-9578

Most of SSCOPE’s efforts are focused on developing and operating our own social enterprises so we can create longer term employment opportunities, with our large base of registered employee members, all with mental health issues or disability, a growing component of what we do is our SSCOPE Job Force.  Recent customers have included Manitoba Housing, Health Sciences Centre, various individuals throughout Winnipeg, and others in the private sector such as Sentinel, where we provided labour and support for jobs lasting a half day or more. 

Call us at 987-6300 to consult with us about your project and schedule and book the SSCOPE Job Force for your needs.