SSCOPE Presents 2011-12 F.Y. Financials At Today’s AGM

For Photos of the 2011-12 AGM held on June 22, 2012 and to view the year in Photo-Video shown at the AGM click HERE

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Supporting mental health through gainful employment since 1991-21 Years of Service To Winnipeg in 2012

“One in four Canadians will have a mental health problem at some point in their lives”

June 22, 2012 (For info: Bob Rempel 987-6302o or 250-6300m)

SSCOPE announces 2011-12 financial results and new Social Enterprise thrust in 2012-2015

SSCOPE Inc, a leading Winnipeg non profit organization with a mission to deliver social enterprise employment and support programs to support mental health recovery, has announced unprecedented employment creation results for 2011-12 fiscal year, along with gains in Net Assets and Net Income.

Over $146,000 was provided in direct employee-member wages and benefit programs for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012, compared to $66,000 in the preceding year and Net Revenue after expenses was $24,675 compared to $1,661 in the previous fiscal year.

More than 150 employee-members benefited from SSCOPE’s programs in 2011-12. Net revenues were strongly supported by growth in social enterprise generated revenues which have grown by 90 per cent in one year and now are nearly 60% of total revenues.

“Our donours and funders have recognized the track we are on to expand our impact in the community and provide more intensive supports to our members and as a result we were also able to increase our fund raising and partnership gifts by nearly 400 per cent over the previous year”, said Executive Director Bob Rempel.

“It’s still a relatively small amount, Board Chair Ryan Clement stated, and with our goal to expand our program to nearly 300 members by 2015, and become financially self sufficient, we continue to hope for strong support from the community in the years ahead.”

Plans for 2012-13 are already being implemented, and as part of our 3 year plan, SSCOPE will create new and expanded social enterprises and training for our members in Automotive, Cleaning and Janitorial, Light Manufacturing and Window Washing, Construction and Renovations and Retail.

Our new Food Services thrust utilizing Food Trucks is now underway and our Property Services work, particularly snow removal, is buoyed by our three year contract with the City of Winnipeg for forty of their major public properties, Rempel said.

Clement added that for the future, the organization will continue to expand it’s volunteer opportunities program from the Board level on down and is currently embarking on a recruitment program to fill the necessary skill sets needed in the organization to allow for major fund raising to continue and new programs to be developed.

Rempel noted that that SSCOPE will be conducting a public awareness campaign throughout the year about the benefits of supporting Social Enterprises within the community, “Are You Enterprising Socially?” The organization has achieved some critical success in its annual “Festival4Mental Health” music and performance fund raising event, with the 2013 event set for the weekend of May 25.

It also is continuing with its Fourth Friday Music Night series at its Treasures Thrift Store at 1466 Arlington St beginning again on September 28th.