SSCOPE Battles January Blizzard

January 11, 2013 Overnight Snow Left It’s Mark

SSCOPE crews and leaders took on the challenge head on and worked Saturday, Sunday and all day Monday, including overnight work for City of Winnipeg properties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to clean up the over 120 properties SSCOPE has snow shoveling contracts for.  It was a great effort by over 30 employees and staff at SSCOPE to focus only on serving our customers as quickly as possible.

Our Media News Release about Snow Shoveling work and our Christmas Tree recycling program is available HERE.

SSCOPE has a business and employment growth plan which calls for doubling of our snow shoveling and lawn cutting contracts in the next two years.  This example of how we attempt to serve our customers will be a good example to tell prospective new customers.

The Board of Directors and Executive Director of SSCOPE want to officially thank all the SSCOPE members and staff who “stepped up” and  met the January Blizzard challenge.

Changing Lives!…A Stronger Healthier Community…The SSCOPE Way!