SSCOPE AGM Confirms 4 New Board Members; Financial Results Announced

Svitlana Maluzynsky, Jim Timlick, Trish Burch and Walter Chan were voted as new SSCOPE Board of Directors members at Friday’s AGM at the Millenium Library’s Carol Shields Auditorium.  Over 65 employee members and guests were in attendance, the largest ever for the organization.

Chairman Ryan Clement announced successes with the organization’s employment mission and on the balance sheet for 2012-13, and discussed plans for 2013 and beyond for the organization.  View Financial Statements and the Accountant’s Financial Review Letter Here and Here.  View the Employment Creation Report Here.

Burrows MLA Melanie Wight delivered her May 27th Legislative Statement to the Members and brought greetings from the Manitoba Minister of Health.  View it Here in video form at the meeting.  Ben Fry, Manager of Housing Programs for the WRHA, brought greetings from the WRHA Mental Health and congratulated members for their dedicated efforts towards recovery.

Member’s Statement by MLA Melanie Wight May 27, 2013

Melanie Wight MLA for Burrows presented a Private Member’s Statement to celebrate the contributions of SSCOPE Inc., a non-profit organization based in north Winnipeg. It provides employment opportunities and other supports to individuals coping with mental illness. She is pictured with SSCOPE Executive Director Bob Rempel, Minister of Housing and Community Development Kerri Irvin-Ross and Minister of Health Theresa Oswald.

SSCOPE was deeply honoured on Monday May 27th by this Member’s Statement in the Manitoba Legislature by the MLA for Burrows, Melanie Wight.

MLA for Burrows, Melanie Wight


View the statement HERE

Ministers of Housing and Health Kerri Irvin-Ross and Theresa Oswald posed later with MLA Wight and Bob Rempel, Executive Director of SSCOPE for the presentation of the Members Statement and privately thanked SSCOPE as well and promised to seek additional ways their two departments can support SSCOPE’s work.  (We reveal it here first!)

Thank You Letter from MLA for Burrows

Melanie Wight, the MLA for Burrows dropped us a note recently to say “thank you for the excellent work this summer”…for me and my constituents…”Do you do winter work”.

And of course we responded that we certainly do and are looking to expand our snow shoveling customers in 2012-13 to help us create more work for the every growing demand. We also for her assistance in helping getting the word out to her constituents about SSCOPE and of course she responded positively.  We are very grateful to Melanie; she is a strong supporter of our organization and our mission and purpose and our activities such as our music nights and festivals.