SSCOPE in the news-Christmas Tree Recycling

Take a look at the latest article about SSCOPE and our January project to pick up and recycle Christmas trees in Winnipeg, working together with the City of Winnipeg Chip It sites.

See the Doug Lunney Winnipeg Sun column, and picture of staff member Marvin Thiessen and employee member Cole Saunders, on January 09 by clicking HERE

For more information on SSCOPE or Tree Recycling call 204 987-6300 or email

SSCOPE in the news

SSCOPE was featured in this week’s The Times community newspaper by the Winnipeg Free Press.  The story ties together our Live Friday music nights, the great lineup we have on the 20th in the starting at 5:45 pm, and our community work which creates meaningful real employment options for our “worker members” or “member employees” as we call them.

View the story HERE and please share with your friends and family and help us get a great crowd out for this special pre Christmas event.

The Snow Shoveling Blues reprised by Marvin Thiessen, SSCOPE’s own stage star!

Another performance of The Snow Shoveling Blues by SSCOPE’s own Marvin Thiessen, our Operations Supervisor, this on on March22 at SSCOPE’s Treasures Cafe Stage 1466 Arlington St.  Watch all SSCOPE stage performance videos and more videos about SSCOPE HERE over at Youtube.

It’s sounding better every time maybe because we are getting to the end of a long and difficult snow shoveling season, or more likely Marvin’s getting it polished up a bit more each time.  As you’ll hear everyone’s enjoying the song.  Come out May 24-25 at SSCOPE’s Festival4MentalHealth/Rockin’ the Bridge and hear it again.