SSCOPE News-Update for October and November

What’s New At SSCOPE:

October 17 Board Meeting:

SSCOPE’s Board of Directors and chairman Ryan Clement have confirmed SSCOPE’s growth plans in supporting mental health recovery through real employment and supports by committing to grow to 400 paid employee members by 2016.  400 in 4 Years may be the catchphrase.    This would double our current yearly paid employees.

The Board also agreed to further expansion by adding a second Employment Office/Training Centre and Retail operation in Winnipeg, within 6 months if possible, with more locations to come on a staged basis after that.

It also agreed to continue exploratory talks with communities like Kenora, Selkirk, Steinbach, Portage la Prairie, Brandon and others to determine if there is a basis in one or more of these communities for a local partnership for the development of a SSCOPE like social enterprise supportive employment non profit.   As well, SSCOPE’s Bylaws are being reviewed for full update and revision for current and future development, with the changes to be presented to the AGM in June, 2013.

SSCOPE is embarking on a tremendous growth phase, while continuing to support each and every one of our existing members.  New prospective Board members with special skills, contacts and high energy are encouraged to join us as we work to accomplish our mission.

Ten of SSCOPE staff gather for a quick minute after completing work at the St. Boniface City Hall and Court House properties on Friday morning March 2nd.

Snow Shoveling:

MPI’s donation of a crew transport Van (see below) has allowed SSCOPE to take on additional work this winter.   We currently have close to 65 residential and small business customers, including a new group of private customers that we commit to clearing before 8:00 am at a separate rate structure.  This is highest ever total for SSCOPE  as we also enter the second year of our contract with the City of Winnipeg to clear snow from City Hall, police stations, libraries and other buildings, about 40 in total,  before 8:00 am in the morning.  As a result of the City’s requirements and the demands of our employees to get closer to permanent part time work within our organization, we have now put in place Permanent Overnight Crews for the next five months, providing that permanent work so many want us to provide. Each crew also has a Lead Hand promoted from within our employee group.  Two new part-time Team Leaders have been hired as well.

November 8th Meeting with Provincial Minister of Housing:

SSCOPE has a meeting on Thursday November 8th with Province of Manitoba Minister of Housing Kerri Irvin Ross to discuss how to further develop and enhance the business relationship and partnership that has existed between the two organizations for the past two years.  Employee members are hoping for more committed year round employment as a result of SSCOPE being awarded sustainable jobs and work after the current series of meetings with governments and business.

SSCOPE is currently approximately 65% self funded through business revenues and non governmental funder partnerships and its Board is committed to seeing that be 100% in 4 years.

SSCOPE 2012 Christmas Luncheon:

SSCOPE Christmas luncheon past. This year over 60 individuals are expected to attend, double our previous years.

This year’s Christmas Luncheon and Gift Giving is set for Friday December 21 at 11:45 am at Canton Buffet.  The growing employee membership base requires us to increase our fundraising every year.  Please consider supporting our members in their journey to mental health recovery through gainful employment and real work by calling the Director of Development at 987-6302 or emailing SSCOPE at

You can view more information about SSCOPE at YouTube, on Facebook and on Twitter by clicking the links


Manitoba Hydro donates Crew Vehicle to SSCOPE

Latest addition to SSCOPE's crew moving vehicles, a 2000 Chevrolet Suburban donated by Manitoba Hydro to help us serve our ever growing list of customers and jobs

SSCOPE recently found itself needing an additional vehicle to move crews around to the jobs sites as a result of a large new contract we received.  A donated or loaned used vehicle would fit perfectly into our need for an additional work vehicle during high peak times. 

Manitoba Hydro stepped forward almost immediately to our request, and blessed us with a fully saftied and repaired 2000 Chevrolet Suburban that just happened to be coming off it’s life for Manitoba Hydro.  An almost one of a kind for them, with three rows of seats, this was very serendipitous time for SSCOPE.  Thank you Hydro for supporting employment for mental health in Winnipeg and supporting the self initiated stable coping and recovery lives for our members.

One it’s first day of use, December 16, we were able to deliver Ryan and Nigel to a job site at Sentinel Storage as part of our new Community Placements employment program, vist 15 City of Winnipeg properties to clear snow and transport 12 member-workers to our Christmas luncheon.  Thank you sincerely to Shirley, Doug, Steve and Mr. Brennan of Manitoba Hydro for seeing the value of the SSCOPE program to the community.

Our letter to Bob Brennan, President of Manitoba Hydro is below:


November 25, 2011

Mr. Bob Brennan, President

Manitoba Hydro

360 Portage Ave

Winnipeg, MB R3C 0G8

Dear Mr. Brennan:

We are writing you to request your immediate assistance to our non profit organization, if possible, with an additional vehicle requirement.  SSCOPE is a registered charity: # 135298115RR0001

We recently received a large snow shoveling contract with the City of Winnipeg for City Hall, police stations, libraries etc, that will create 12 new jobs within our organization, plus we do snow shoveling work for Manitoba Housing and over 75 other residential and commercial properties.  Earlier this week one of our crew vehicles was damaged by vandalism and we are unable to continue to use it.  We are now looking at the most cost efficient ways to replace that vehicle at this late date.

We are hoping the Manitoba Hydro may have a Crew Cab truck or passenger van you could loan or donate to SSCOPE that would at least take us through the end of the snow season season to early April, 2012.  We would also be pleased to take on additional snow shoveling.

By way of background, SSCOPE is currently actively developing and expanding our mission of providing employment to needy individuals in Winnipeg with mental health issues.  We are adding more and more training components to the on the job experience we already provide. The demand for our services continues to grow.  Each month we receive 10-15 new applications, in November already over 20.

We want to give our over 130 active members/labour force more usable skills to help them in transition from basic labour jobs to working in construction, automotive, retail and the food services industry. Existing WRHA core funding just partially covers on the day to day operating expenses of the organization.  It is the goal of the Board of Directors and the Staff for the organization to become self sufficient within two years.

Your assistance is important to allow us to continue to expand our mission to serve more individual and provide a higher level of skills and experience to them, making them more employable and more productive within the city and provincial labour force.  We of course will provide full and appropriate recognition for Manitoba Hydro.

Please contact me for any more information your require about our request or SSCOPE in general. My direct email is and direct phone is 987-6302.  Thank you sincerely

Yours sincerely,

Bob Rempel

Executive Director