SSCOPE busy picking up Christmas Trees throughout Winnipeg

The Christmas Tree pickup program took centre stage at SSCOPE late last week keeping our employees busy.  We expect the demand to continue to for another two weeks or so bringing welcome employment and revenue to SSCOPE in our efforts to help those with mental health difficulties by creating real employment.

The fee for a SSCOPE Team Leader and employee-members to come by and pickup your tree for recycling throughout the City of Winnipeg is $25.00, cheque, cash upon pickup or credit card in advance. There is an additional $5.00 surcharge for pickups in outlying regions of Winnipeg.

To book your Christmas tree pickup please email with details, with the words Christmas Tree Pickup in the “subject” line, or call 204 987-6300.

View our website post of media coverage of last year’s program HERE

Thank you for your ongoing support of SSCOPE’s programs to support mental health recovery through real employment and our efforts n this initiative to make Winnipeg a better community through recycling and reuse.  Please consider using our other SSCOPE services that provide a true win-win:  Snow Shoveling, Lawn Maintenance, Moving, Cleaning and Janitorial, Thrift Stores, Vending, Construction Site Services, Automotive Detailing and more.

What do our community Customers think of SSCOPE?

The fall clean up and leaves raking has been great.  
“For me, I am very busy with internal audit work with the Province, MBA studies then Doctoral studies, volunteering for mental health advocacy, and relaxing with family.  SSCOPE makes it possible for me to balance my life and to enable individuals with mental health issues to work.  This then leads to social inclusion and economic identity.”
I used SSCOPE for lawn maintenance and cutting all summer and hope to continue SSCOPE services with winter snow clearing.
David Albert Newman, CGA

(NB: David was recently prominently featured in the Faces of Mental Health campaign)