The Best Hot Dogs in Toronto h…

The Best Hot Dogs in Toronto

Retweeted because SSCOPE’s LIttle Food Feats trailer wants to be on the best Dogs in Winnipeg list within the next year!  Visit our Little Food Feats trailer daily at 1466 Arlington St. daily from 11-2 until October 1.  Or follow SSCOPE @sscopeinc and get tweets on our Trailer locations.

SSCOPE Accepting New Lawn Customers-Our Members Want More Work!

Our latest flier about our Lawn Services is available for download here.   In it we say to Winnipegers: “You can do more with your Lawn Services dollar!  Please consider supporting SSCOPE in 2011 and get great service and a great looking property by signing up for our 2011 Lawn Maintenance Season program: spring through fall.   For all who sign up for full  Year Round work with SSCOPE we have a special deal as part of our 20th anniversary celebrations:  Get your spring cleanup this year done at 1991 Rates.  Our gift to you for your support of our work to help those with mental health and related issues in their recovery and coping.

Our employee members list continues to grow steadily and they want and need more employment opportunities through us. We are aiming to add another 48 lawn and property service customers in 2011 if possible.

Talking About Mental Health-The Stigma is Real

Worker's 20th Anniversary Party

Worker's 20th Anniversary Party, March 30th Cake Cutting

As we move towards our May 28th public awareness day on SSCOPE and mental health, Rockin’ the Ridge 2011 at Vimy Ridge Park, we want to raise the level of discussion amongst our various stakeholders-customers, employee-members, supports and funders about the stigma about mental illness that prevails today and affect all of us, including those in our organization and the organization itself.

Here’s a Mental Health Commission of Canada link to their initiatives on stigma reduction, to help us talk about it in a more informed way.

Our employee-members continue to face stigma about their conditions every day.  We at SSCOPE want to continue to be part of  the ongoing Talk about Mental Health to keep lessening the amount of stigma and barriers they face.

Join us on May 28th at Vimy Ridge Park and “Walk for the Talk” about Mental Health and help support SSCOPE and the work we do to provide employment and income for those that need a fresh start in a caring and supportive environment.