Friday August 24th-A Busy Day At SSCOPE on Arlington

It’s all about mental health.

Watch for great prices in our thrift store all day and a special donations drive all day.

The weather will be hot and the SSCOPE Food Service unit along with our Little Food Feats mobile trailer will be cooking up food at noon for our Employee-Members and store visitors.

After a regular Employee-Member meeting with all those who are preparing to work in the months ahead.  A group of 50-60 is expected. Details of the new employment opportunities for the months ahead will be announced.   New applications are being accepted as of Friday to fill spots in our new programs.

Following the meeting SSCOPE members and staff leaders will proceed over to Tommy Prince Park at Battery and Selkirk for general cleanup.

The afternoon will be capped off with a Karaoke Stars competition with tickets and coupons donated by the Blue Bombers, Goldeyes and Subway among the prizes for participation.   SSCOPE was recently able to acquire several musical performance items for its stage, including the pro karaoke equipment, through the generous support of many donours, including the Winnipeg Foundation, Printers Xclusive, and many more.

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Scenes from Rockin’ the Bridge 2012-Part 2

All the lovely members of Sweet Charity, our noon hour peformers, at our Hospitality Tent for performers and volunteers

SSCOPE employee member Becca Robson handling cash duties at Treasures Thrift Store for one of the members of The Home Street Band. Yes the band members were some of our best customers.
A Sincere Thank You To All Of Our Supporters

a slightly fuzzy Rick Cabel, SSCOPE Star Karaoke winner, singing "With A Little Help From My Friends"

Employee Training Centre Receiving Excellent Support From Business Donours

Work is continuing on our Employee-Member Lounge and Training Centre at SSCOPE’s 1466 Arlington St location.  Demand for our job experience and employment programs in a supportive environment continues to expand rapidly and SSCOPE wants to add a training component to our activities.  Just to start we have already been training over 10 employee-members in some basic construction and renovations skills, a new program for our organization.

We are grateful to all the businesses that have already donated goods and materials and we hope others will join and come on board in the next few weeks as our work continues with a Food Services area and a Performers area.

Thank you from our over 140 employees members whose lives you are positively impacting by your generosity to: (listed in random order)

Battlefield Equipment

CT Rental


Reimer Soils

Ambrosie Lighting



General Paint

Western Paint

Home Depot


Princess Auto

Stanley Black & Decker