Interim Report to Funders and the Community-6 Months 2012-13

6th Mth Totals 6 Mth Totals
2012 April 1 to September 30 2011 Year April 1 to September 30th
 Total Employee Members            132                                  90
New Applications                             61 58
New Employee Members Starting       33 44
Total Jobs All Members              1671 1526
 Total Hours Worked             5718.4 5471.70
Total Payroll Dollars       $62,529.35 $54,179.50
  Average Payroll Size                  54 45.5

SSCOPE continues to show positive growth  in terms of serving our employee members with gainful employment to support their mental health recovery.  We are well on track to having close to 200 employees on payroll this year  We are being challenged to put more new employee members to work until we can develop new employment generation partnerships with the business and government sector.

When we do develop those partnerships we ask for the communities generous donations to help us backfill all the job equipment and support needs we have for our members.    We give them “A Reason To Believe”, “A Promise of Better Days”.   We Aim To Help To Keep Them From the Expensive Hospital and Care System and Bring Stability To Their Lives.  Can We Count On Your Support??

Please call the Director of Development at 204 987-6302 or email: to talk about SSCOPE’s needs and how you can get involved with our mission and purpose.

You can view videos of SSCOPE activities and programs on YouTube.  Just click the YouTube link.


SSCOPE Needs Snow Removal Partners

If you are a snow removal company with equipment suitable for commercial parking lots and driveways or know someone who does, SSCOPE, as a non profit supporting those with a mental health disability and operating an existing commercial and private snow shoveling service, is interested in talking about joint venture bids and quotes to allow both of us to expand our operations in the busy months ahead.  The continued demand for employment from the mental health disabled requires us to find new ways to expand our services and we believe we can demonstrate to the private sector that a joint venture will be a win-win.  Work with the organization that has a large City of Winnipeg snow shoveling contract to service City Hall, Police Stations, Libraries, etc.

For more information please contact the Executive Director at 987-6302 or email to set up a meeting.