Live Fridays Brings You Beatles Night October 19

Beatles October 1962 just before Beatlemania kicks in.

It’s all set for Friday night October 19  to take a trip down memory lane with the songs of The Beatles.  Has there been a group of musicians who have been more instrumental on the shape and sound of today’s music. They are truly the “Fab Four”.  It’s 50 years ago this month that they released their first single, “Love Me Do”.  We all remember their most famous songs: Hey Jude, Yesterday, All You Need is Love and the list goes on.  SSCOPE is very grateful to Mark David Stollard for organizing and leading the night with fellow musicians, Reg Janz and Rob Daniels.  Mark also extends a welcome to all other Manitoba musicians to come out and jam before and after.  As well there will be Beatles karaoke all afternoon on the Treasures Thrift Store Stage.  Do a Beatles tune and get 20% off your Thrift Store purchase.  Jam starts at 6:00 pm, Rob Daniels at 7:00 pm and Mark David Stollard and Reg Janz at 8:15 pm with more jam to follow. Karaoke available all afternoon starting at 1:00 pm

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