The Snow Shoveling Blues-a true story

Watch an excerpt of the original song, “The Snow Shoveling Blues”  written for SSCOPE and SSCOPE employee members who have the challenge of serving SSCOPE many snow shoveling to honour SSCOPE committments through -30 windy conditions and often several feet of snow to contend.  The Snow Shoveling Blues

Marvin Thiessen works for SSCOPE as our Operations Supervisor, and wrote the song and performed it first time in public with his band seen also at this link, The Snow Shoveling Blues at SSCOPE Live Friday February 22 event.

Watch more great LIve Performances at SSCOPE recent Live Friday nights on YouTube here.   Or search for channel SSCOPE2 at

We will be announcing our Live Streaming For Charity Channel for our events soon as well.