SSCOPE in the news-Christmas Tree Recycling

Take a look at the latest article about SSCOPE and our January project to pick up and recycle Christmas trees in Winnipeg, working together with the City of Winnipeg Chip It sites.

See the Doug Lunney Winnipeg Sun column, and picture of staff member Marvin Thiessen and employee member Cole Saunders, on January 09 by clicking HERE

For more information on SSCOPE or Tree Recycling call 204 987-6300 or email

Recycle Your Christmas Tree…Support SSCOPE’s work for mental health in Winnipeg


SSCOPE picking up your Christmas tree for recycling again this year. As noted at the City of Winnipeg Chip It program webpage.
$25 for one tree, $45 for two at same location. The proceeds go to support SSCOPE’s work to create meaningful employment for those with a mental health disability or issue in Winnipeg.  Nearly 200 individuals find work with SSCOPE at some point during each time and our work continues to grow with the support of the community.  Thank you!

A Great Song for Christmas Time At SSCOPE 2013

Fund raising continues at SSCOPE to make this a better Christmas for our many employee members living…and working…with mental health issues.  We thank the many who have sent in many hundreds of dollars to date to help us make this happen.  Come out on Friday night, December 20th, after 5:15 pm at SSCOPE at 1466 Arlington and enjoy a great evening of music provided by generous Manitoba musicians and support our cause further if you can.

And you may hear this song we’ve just discovered, in the background…or the foreground at some point…It’s now another one of the unofficial SSCOPE theme songs and songs we love….Shower the People You Love With Love, by James Taylor was our first.