SSCOPE AGM Confirms 4 New Board Members; Financial Results Announced

Svitlana Maluzynsky, Jim Timlick, Trish Burch and Walter Chan were voted as new SSCOPE Board of Directors members at Friday’s AGM at the Millenium Library’s Carol Shields Auditorium.  Over 65 employee members and guests were in attendance, the largest ever for the organization.

Chairman Ryan Clement announced successes with the organization’s employment mission and on the balance sheet for 2012-13, and discussed plans for 2013 and beyond for the organization.  View Financial Statements and the Accountant’s Financial Review Letter Here and Here.  View the Employment Creation Report Here.

Burrows MLA Melanie Wight delivered her May 27th Legislative Statement to the Members and brought greetings from the Manitoba Minister of Health.  View it Here in video form at the meeting.  Ben Fry, Manager of Housing Programs for the WRHA, brought greetings from the WRHA Mental Health and congratulated members for their dedicated efforts towards recovery.

SSCOPE AGM Set for Friday June 21

Friday June 21 at 11:45 am at Buchwald Room, Downtown Millenium Public Library

Mark the Date: SSCOPE’s AGM will be held on Friday June 21 at the Buchwald Room, Millenium Public Library, Donald and Graham in Winnipeg from 11:45 am;-1:00 pm. Highlights of 2012-13 and discussion about plans for SSCOPE. New Board of Directors slate to be presented and voted on. Member-employees, volunteers, public interested in mental health and SSCOPE’s future encouraged to attend.

Reminder: SSCOPE AGM June 22

Join us on Friday June 22nd at 11:45 am at the Buchwald Room, second floor, at the Winnipeg Public Library.  Open to the public and all those interesed in future development plans for SSCOPE, but very imporant that all employee-members who can attend please do.

Votes on important bylaw changes, election of new Board members, review of financial results from 2011-12, great food and desserts and door prizes, and our special guest speaker, Shaun Loney Executive Director of BUILD and member organization of the Social Enterprise Centre.  

Don’t miss the SSCOPE Mobile Food Unit on display outside the Library that day.

For more information please call 987-6300 or email