R.I.P. George-You Were Part of our SSCOPE Family

George in one of his favorite relaxin' spots

A bittersweet ending to a great weekend at SSCOPE so many people coming together and celebrating hope for a better life for those with mental health problems through employment and supports. 

At about 9:15 pm we lost George, who was one of our own for the past six months, and loved by everyone.   For some inexplicable reason he darted out the front door and right into the street in front of oncoming traffic.  We’ll never understand, as we’ve all seen this a thousand times only to see him stop quickly and just casually walk around the building and come back in the other entrance.

Please join us this Wednesday, May 30, at 12:15 pm at SSCOPE 1466 Arlington St. to share stories and say final goodbyes to George, a real friend and member of our SSCOPE family. Only if you had lived with us for the past months and seen the involvement of all 70 or so of us in his life daily in a caring way, and his in our work life, would you understand our need for full closure.

“Shower those you love with love, show them the way that you care, things will be much better if you only will…by James Taylor, “Shower The People” is an unofficial SSCOPE theme about the power of unconditional love…it very much applies to our life with George.  R.I.P. George.