Our Values

These are the values determining how SSCOPE INC. operates and make decisions:

  • Those with mental health issues who have been marginalized and unable to obtain full-time employment. They possess worth, and through guidance, medicinal help and community, can re-integrate into the work force
  • Being good stewards of the resources made available to us through our partners and supporters
  • Learning and sharing about mental health issues in a credible manner to erase the stigmas surrounding mental health
  • Being innovative in programs, ventures, fundraising and advocacy
  • Creating a great workplace for our employees, members, Board members and volunteers
  • Benefitting all Manitobans through the positive impact of our programs and ventures
  • Partnering with likeminded people to find solutions and elevate the dignity and quality of life for those with mental health issues
  • The belief our member employees can provide the highest quality of services possible to our social enterprise customers at a competitive price and in a timely manner

Comments: sscope.inc@gmail.com