SSCOPE AGM Set for Friday June 21

Friday June 21 at 11:45 am at Buchwald Room, Downtown Millenium Public Library

Mark the Date: SSCOPE’s AGM will be held on Friday June 21 at the Buchwald Room, Millenium Public Library, Donald and Graham in Winnipeg from 11:45 am;-1:00 pm. Highlights of 2012-13 and discussion about plans for SSCOPE. New Board of Directors slate to be presented and voted on. Member-employees, volunteers, public interested in mental health and SSCOPE’s future encouraged to attend.

Rockin’ the Bridge on May 25th Global News

Thanks to Global News for a great piece on SSCOPE and Rockin’ the Bridge after spending Saturday afternoon with us at the Festival. ┬áMarvin Thiessen, SSCOPE’s operations supervisor and lead singer for The Home Street Band and Derek Marker, SSCOPE employee member are interviewed, along with Executive Director Bob Rempel.

Thank You To Performers and Volunteers

It was another great and successful year for SSCOPE and Rockin’ the Bridge Festival 4 Mental Health on May 24-25 2013.

We are so grateful and blessed by our performers and volunteers and we thank them all for participating, many year after year.

Our goals are limited but realistic: an opportunity for a better conversation with the community about what SSCOPE is and does and whom it serves, and how living with mental health problems can be improved for the individual and society by a real jobs within a supportive environment.

Go to YouTube and view many of the performances from 2013 Rockin’ the Bridge Festival and vote for the most popular and best performers with your Likes. YouTube videos click HERE.

Watch for a SSCOPE CD of songs from performers at the 2013 Festival coming soon.