Manitoba company leading the way in mental health

JORDAN CIECIWA— NOVEMBER 12, 2014 JORDAN CIECIWA, Mental health is a major part of the work I do. Thanks to Birchwood Chevrolet, I’m getting the word out more and more. Through their support, I’m able to get out and spread the word on amazing organizations. When I give seminars to workplaces, one of the points of my message is that the goal of living healthy and treating the body right is to limit factors that can aggravate mental illness. It’s also about acceptance on the part of the loved ones and the workplace. The greatest asset to anyone with mental illness is caring support. Manitoba is full of amazing not-for-profit organizations. We do great things in this province. This is an introduction to a company that is leading the way in support for those living with mental illness. Most people will never experience a catastrophic mental episode; the kind that lasts for months or years and makes working not possible. With cancer or heart disease, we have learned how to care for people during their darkest times and walk them back straight into society. In many cases, as champions, [having overcome and survived]. Our brain is no different, and should be treated no differently. We don’t fully understand why, but sometimes, it goes into dysfunction. When those affected are ready to return to work and regular life, once they have beaten the odds, where can they go? SSCOPE inc is an amazing Manitoba option. They have based their care in social enterprise, kindness and understanding. SSCOPE provides a workplace and options to bring those who have been touched by mental illness back to the working world. The slogan “Because everyone is meant for significance …” is why they offer their services and is the cornerstone of their organization. Simple services like lawn care, snow shoveling, moving and deliveries, commercial and multi-residential cleaning, residential cleaning (vacant properties) and general maintenance. SSCOPE makes sure they find work, and they ensure the work is done with excellence. It instills pride in their staff, and those looking to return to work, as well as making sure your hiring of them isn’t just a charitable act. This is a good or service, for your money. SSCOPE believes through their services that they are “unleashing the potential of those with mental health issues” as their mission statement suggests. Through supporting their services you are erasing the stigma of mental health and being a part of real change in each member’s life. Mental health needs to be freely discussed. It also needs to be understood that it can be overcome with the right help. This is just like any other disease or illness. Depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or anything else under the mental health banner … it can be beaten as a community. Let’s continue to talk about mental health, support programming like our very own SSCOPE Inc. and ensure Manitoba leads the way in properly dealing with mental health. There is no shame in the illness; the only shame is in how the community reacts. For more information: 1466 Arlington St. Winnipeg, MB R2X 1T8 P. (204) 987-6300 F. (204) 415-7900

Support us during ‘Movember’

Movember challenges men to grow moustaches during Movember (formerly known as November), to spark conversation and raise vital funds for its men’s health programs. This work is saving and improving the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues.

Our own executive director Dan Ingalls is making a valiant attempt to grow his own mustache in support of raising awareness about men’s mental health issue and any tax-deductible financial sponsorship you want give can be directed to SSCOPE Inc. for our life coaching services to men with mental health issues.