How It Works

SSCOPE matches the requirements of the customers with the abilities of our member employees. After screening, assessment and a short interview by SSCOPE staff, the members are matched with work assignments for which they are best suited.

Employee/Members must have a mental health issue in order to be considered for work at SSCOPE.

Depending on the nature of the work assignment, a Team Leader support worker may accompany the SSCOPE member. They may work with a support worker on a one-on-one basis, or as a member of a group of worker/members.

An assessment will be made about the nature of the work desired, either over the phone or during an on-site visit. A fee, for the customer, will be determined, and a member(s) will be assigned to work on the project.

Shifts usually run for a full morning, or a full afternoon. Members are paid on the first and third Fridays of each month. Pay stubs are issued at that time, also. If necessary, declaration of wages with Provincial EIA is the responsibility of each member.

Benefits To The Community                                                                                             This program may reduce the overall cost of health care by providing non-medical rehabilitation for mental health consumers, while at the same time increasing the productive work force.

Benefits To The Members                                                                                                   In a spirit of self-help and mutual support, SSCOPE assists our members in securing and maintaining paid casual employment in our community. This contributes significantly to our members mental health, sense of dignity and self-worth, as well as their social and economical needs.

Benefits To All                                                                                                              SSCOPE offers unique, valuable and affordable service to the community by providing gainful casual employment. This provides an avenue for our members to integrate into the mainstream work force.

SSCOPE operates with the support of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authoriry (WRHA) and other referral agencies. Other supporters include donors, community groups, volunteers and the volunteer board of directors.

We need your helping hands. If you are interested in helping us to widen horizons, we invite you to become a volunteer or donor. Volunteers and potential Board Members can contact SSCOPE by email or phone directly.