You can now download or view the full SSCOPE 2011 Factsheet recently revised here.

Here is the text from the most recent 2011 SSCOPE factsheet.

SSCOPE Quick Facts and FAQ 2011 – (21/03/11)


SSCOPE Inc-The Name and Purpose

SSCOPE is an acronym for Self Starting Creative Opportunities for People in Employment. We focus on helping and supporting those for whom employment will be an important step in their coping and recovery with a mental illness or mental health disability. Our offices are currently located at 5-1000 Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg, MB and our phone number is 987-6300 and website: www.sscope.org


A Long History of Serving Our Member and the Community

2011 is SSCOPE’s 20th anniversary. The organization was started in 1989 by Manitoba Department of Health staff who saw the need for a casual employment program for those with a mental health disability who could not work in the short term or long term at regular employment. SSCOPE was incorporated in 1991 in Manitoba as a non profit charitable company. Our federal tax # for charitable donations is 135298115 RR0001. Our annual free-to-the-public fun day awareness event for mental health and SSCOPE occurs on May 28th


Development and Growth For Our Members is Ongoing

The organization is going through a process of positive change and development, based on strategic planning discussions in 2010. The revitalized organization will have a new name and enhanced purpose by mid year 2011, as well as a new location that incorporates a new Retail to the Public employment program, as well as enhanced training and shop facilities. Other new employment programs and community services are being developed.


Our Focus is Employment In A Supportive Environment

Our prime focus in on creating and operating the employment programs through our own social enterprises and providing excellent service to our customers who retain our services. Today we employ and pay wages to approximately 90 individuals annually. They have true employee status and receive EI and CPP contributions. Other benefits they receive include letters of support for work clothing, references and ongoing worker support programs.


Our Social Enterprises and Partnerships Are Diverse

We operate a moving service that is the prime provider of moving services to the Housing Plus, Mental Health Commission sponsored program for the mentally ill homeless…it has or will move over 300 individuals into housing with new furniture by the end of 2012. We operate a property maintenance service including lawn care and snow shovelling and serve many senior and disabled customers with affordable rates. We also have vending machines and building cleaning services. We pick up toilets for recycling as part of a City of Winnipeg dual flush replacement program and work with the City sites in recycling leaves and Christmas trees as well. In addition our StreetSSCOPE teams keep streets like Notre Dame Avenue and adjacent ones, clean and attractive in the summer.



SSCOPE has achieved continuity of leadership at the staff level, with the Executive Director in place for over 3 years and the Operations Supervisor for 1.5 years. SSCOPE’s Board of Directors is comprised of 7 community members, strongly committed to mental health, who have experience as managers, accountants, professors and one representative of our member employees who has worked with SSCOPE for over nine years. The current Board and staff are strongly committed to seeing the organization grow in a financially responsible manner to provide a fuller range of benefits and supports to our members either directly or through referral.


The Demand For Our Programs and Services:

Current Registered Members Eligible For Work: 172

Current Active Members (on phone list): 53

Average Semi-Monthly Payroll Size: 27-30

Total New Applications 2010-11 fiscal year: 64 2009-10 f.y.: 67

Number of New Applications that proceed to work at least one shift: 90%


Continual Development In Providing Employment

2008-09 Fiscal Year: Created 714 jobs, 2,246.5 hours of work and paid out $19,933/14 in salary and employer contributions

2009-10 Fiscal Year: Created 1689 jobs, 4,172.5 hours of work and paid out $36,398.43 in salary and employer contributions

2010-11 Fiscal Year YTD: Created 2133 jobs, 6,630.5 hours of work and paid out $61,619.91 in salary and employer contributions

In 2010 we issued 89 T’4 to employees, for $60,899, in 2011 YTD (21/03/11) we have paid wages and benefits for 48 employees, for $12,225.13


Our Plans For Further Employment Creation

We are preparing plans to retain a .65 term basis job developer/occupational co-ordinator to facilitate continued employment opportunities working with the Executive Director and Operations Supervisor. This will mean expanding our current businesses through marketing and referrals, and establishing new enterprises that are a good fit, and more actively recruiting employees.


SSCOPE in the future will also work closely with active members, and their various supports, to ensure the member is achieving his or her employment and personal goals and is acquiring additional skills, in addition to helping in other aspects of their lives wherever we can.

Continued Progress Toward Self Sufficiency:

2008-09 Fiscal Year: Revenue from our own social enterprises-$61,768.52. Total revenue including grants and fund raising: $167,191.94, Total expenses: $182,157.19

2009-10 Fiscal Year: Revenue from our own social enterprises-$98,267.95 Total revenue including grants and fund raising: $201,737.50 Total expenses: $193,055.86

2010-11 Fiscal Year YTD 11Mths: Revenue from our own social enterprises-$122,253.84 Total revenue including grants and fund raising: $224,712.67 Total expenses: $219,114.87


Recent Testimonials and Customers from our Members and Customers:

Employee Members:

*”I found my way to SSCOPE three years ago…Things were not going very well at all…Working for SSCOPE really improved the quality of my life greatly…it has given me a sense of community…its demands work wise are reasonable, given my condition. It also supplements my income. I rarely deal with people outside the home…this give me a chance to keep and use my social and communication skills.”


*“I’m feeling like I’m accomplishing something and I like the peopel. It makes my day just by coming here.”


SSCOPE is important in my life as it give me work experience I can use for my future. The work gives me a purpose which I know I need. I enjoy my work at SSCOPE and I know my work is valued….It’s good to hear SSCOPE is working to expand the workforce and have a greater variety of work. This will give more people a chance to get started again in the work and then hopefully move on.”



Please add me to your spring clean and lawn cutting list for 2011. The workers are doing a very good job of snow shoveling and I’m very happy about the job being done.” (Senior, Pritchard Ave.)


SSCOPE crew is doing a great job!!” (Duplex Owner, Fort Richmond)


Thanks for the job you do” (Senior, St James)


Thank you so much for your raking, clipping and mowing that made my yard look so neat and ready for winter. I really appreciate your help. (Homeowner, St. Vital)


We were very happy with the pickup (and removal to landfill) service, thanks again. I have shared your organization’s info with my co-workers (at the provincial government). Hopefully you will get some business from it. (Homeowner/Provincial Employee, East Kildonan)


Organizational Facts 2010
Annual grant from WRHA $105,000. Annual revenue from our business enterprises: $95,000
Approximately $85,000 capital assets
Staff Team consisting of an Executive Director/Development Manager, Operations Manager/Team Leader, Team Leader, and Office Administrator (presently vacant).
In 2009 70 employee-members worked at SSCOPE, earning a total of $33,000. This was an increase from 2008 when 40 employee-members worked at SSCOPE earning $19,000
19 male employees and 7 female (26) on average work during any one pay period, with some periods up to 35 employed. SSCOPE has morning and afternoon shifts which can be scheduled separately.
90 registered employee-members with privileges to work at SSCOPE. Growing by an average of 4 member-employees per month.
Referrals from other agencies such as EIA, PACT, Sara Riel, Lifeworks, Link Up, Tesky & Associates, Dorchester House and Doray. No referral necessary.
Employees are currently paid $9.00 per hour and are classified as part-time employees with all appropriate EI and CPP deductions.
Employees are covered by Workman’s Compensation.

The Future
The organization is presently undertaking a strategic planning process to ensure it is most relevant and strategically placed for the years ahead. This will lead to SSCOPE Directions, 2010 available after April, 2010
This document will show plans to expand and add new programs appeal to different age groups and both genders, how it will expand it’s employee and volunteer base to support organizational development, how it will expand its assets and social enterprises it operations and how it will develop rehabilitation programs and enhance the professional skills of its staff to assist workers.