You’ll often hear a SSCOPE person say we do “Real Work”. We pay competitive wages, and our members-employees are classified as part-time employees operating under the labour and government benefits laws of Canada and Manitoba.

Our social enterprises and our activities provide services and assistance to various members of community, including individuals, businesses, government department and agencies, and other non profit and social agencies. Our rates are very competitive, (as a non-social agency we are not required to charge gst or pst) yet designed to allow our enterprises to operate profitably and assist with our own self funding of our mission, within our non-profit structure.

In the final analysis, however, we know that many people utilize our services because they want to support our work in assisting those with mental illnesses by providing gainful employment in real world situations. That doesn’t stop our employees and management from understanding that need to provide extraordinary customer service.

So we are even more gratified when you take the time to thank the member employees at SSCOPE and our staff for a job or service we have performed for you.

This page will be about your Thank You’s and comments of support and a measure for our organization to ensure we are exceeding your expectations. You can send us an email for posting on this page, or post your comments and thoughts directly.

Applause from a Retail Customer:                                                                                      “I don’t go to V.V. or S.A. or other thrift stores anymore.  You’ve got great stuff.  I want to see your organization thrive.”

Applause from Customer:                                                                                            “Great job on the snow shovelling SSCOPE. Please make sure I’m booked for next season again”                                                                                                                   – Sol Janzen

Applause from P-T Employee Member:
“SSCOPE has done a lot for me. The first thing is the money it supplies me with income that I really depend on since I had to move to an apartment with higher rent.

What has been great for me is working with a crew. It feels really good being part of a team. Everyone I’ve worked with at SSCOPE ha sbeen kind, helpful and respectful.

I also enjoy working on my own dowing the cleaning of the building. It’s a challenge but it is good for me to keep busy with a variety of activities.

What else? There’s Harvest (Food Bank picked up through SSCOPE as a sub agency) that’s saving me $30-$50 per month that I would need to spend on food.

SSCOPE has enriched my life in so many ways. I don’t know where I would be without the organization.”  – Vanessa Russell

What our employee-members say:
How does SSCOPE help you with your life?
-sense of purpose.
-money for the children
-good we are paying into pension plan
-enjoy the flexibility to book shifts
-getting paid work
-need the extra money
-gives me structure
-helps me to be with people
-helps me work P/T otherwise I would be at home
-gets me up in A.M., keeps me busy
-helps me with self-esteem-feel good when I work
-helps me financially
-helps me with recovery
-gives me something to do
-gets me back into work force after a few years
-it’s a place to work where people understand the disability and it’s sheltered
-people are more accepting with your disability