Recognizing SSCOPE’s New Volunteers

SSCOPE is pleased to announce three new volunteers in key positions in the organization, supporting the Executive Director.

Jason White- Jason is an experienced marketing specialist and consultant to business, particularly in the tourism business field.  Through the assistance of the non profit Spark, SSCOPE was linked with Jason. We are excited about the potential for Jason to help us better market our services and program to potential new customers and partners in Winnipeg to continue to create more opportunities for our employee members and support mental health recovery and coping even better in the city.

Jason White, left and Bob Rempel, SSCOPE Executive Director

Yan Yu Sha-a student in her second year Accounting at Red River College with top marks in her program, She has joined us as a financial and accounting assistant with responsibility at this time for the work required to create monthly financial statements. We are thrilled to see how quickly she has picked up our system.

Jim Timlick

          Jim Timlick-Jim is a former director of media relations for the Blue Bombrs and an experienced editor and reporter who is assisting SSCOPE with expanding our communications initiatives in support of the growth we require for our social enterprises in order to create more employment. He has great contacts in the community and we are very happy to have him decide to join with us.  Jim is also a Board of Directors candidate.

SSCOPE continues to recruit new volunteers and staff as we attempt to create the staff and volunteer team that can take the organization to our organizational goal of 400 employee members by 2016, along with four retail and office locations in Winnipeg, and programs in at least two other communities outside Winnipeg.  Please contact SSCOPE at 987-6300 if you can help serve as a volunteer Team Leader within SSCOPE and help us develop new and current employment programs for our members and support the other organization objectives.

We are also hoping to be able to make an announcement shortly about the successful recruitment of a Financial and Accounting Supervisor and Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, with prime responsibility for our Festival4MentalHealth and Live Fridays events.