SSCOPE receives MPI Support

2005 Dodge Caravan, recently donated to SSCOPE by MPI, seen here in our Vehicle compound, beside our 2000 Chevrolet Silverado. SSCOPE now has a total of five owned vehicles in its fleet, including also a 2000 Suburban donated by Manitoba Hydro, and a 3 ton moving truck and 2012 Ford 1/2 Ton, both purchased through fund raising compliments of the MB. Community Services Council, Winnipeg Foundation and Thomas Sill Foundation.

We thank MPI for their decision to donate a 2005 Van to SSCOPE and especially all the staff at the R&D Centre on Plessis Road for their efforts in preparing this salvage vehicle to fully rebuilt status. It will make SSCOPE’s efforts to operate our Food Services business and transport crews in peak times, immeasurably easier.