Food Services Funding Campaign Begins

Day by day I’m feeling stronger, Day by day I’m lasting longer, Day by day you help me make my way…the words from a popular song in the 80′s, Day by Day.  The words express SSCOPE’s mission very well…to empower our member-employees to build and rebuild their lives through employment and a supportive system.

In step with our Promise of Better Days, Christmas Dinner fund raising campaign, SSCOPE has begun a campaign to gain support from the food industry and community members to help us develop our Food Services Enterprise.

We are accepting all donations of food products and food preparation equipment, as well of cash donations that will allow us to create a 12 month a year Food Services program that will allow to create a Catering and Food Preparation so we can provide prepared food to all those in need of nutritious food in the community.

SSCOPE’s Food Services program already owns and operates a seasonal Food Services Mobile Trailer since May, 2012, that employee members operate. The Little Food Feats trailer, as it is called, specializes in variations of Tacos in a Bag and Nachos with cheese, among many other foods, and is also available for rent with staff or booking at special functions.  The trailer was initially purchased with help from a special employment grant from the WRHA with equipment for the trailer purchased with the help of a donation from Investors Group.

We will soon announce the date when we will begin accepting expressions of interest from group residences, homes and schools to receive our prepared food on a regular basis.  We will be particularly looking for a mental health tie in but it will not be an essential requirement.

For more information or to discuss what you can possibly donate, please contact SSCOPE’s Director of Development at 987-6302 or by email: